Don MacPherson

Pass the peanut butter, it looks like Ignatieff is toast

His 'nationhood' proposal has stirred political heavies to line up against him

A confident Andre Boisclair sounds like a different man

It looks like he is growing into the job of leading the Parti Quebecois

Boisclair tosses sovereignty studies over the side

PQ leader ignores party requirements that it lay groundwork for referendum

Boisclair fumbles

PQ leader was looking pretty good during Jan Wong affair, but then he allowed Lisette Lapointe to seek nomination

Tragedy brings us together

Anglos were among the loudest to denounce anti-Bill 101 ravings

Liberal debate in French painful to watch

Only three of the nine anglophones could be considered fluent

Federal Tories would be smart to plan for PQ victory

Charest has made gains, but wise bets would be on Boisclair to form government

PQ can count on traditional allies in labour movement

CEGEP union fails to learn lesson about folly of politicizing classrooms

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PQ leader probably is hoping QS won't disband and join his party

It's safe to support terrorists again

Politicians showed poor judgment on Sunday by associating with Hezbollah sympathizers

Charest overestimated electorate's desire for change

Maybe the premier should have another read of The Art of War