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Les lacunes de la politique de vaccination pourrait coûter cher aux libéraux


Lagging vaccine rollout could cost Liberals in a big way


Le NPD avoue qu'il n'imposera aucune limite à l'exploitation des sables bitumineux

Stephen Harper pounces on NDP candidate Linda McQuaig’s oilsands views


{{Couillard fait même peur aux multiculturalistes {Canadian}}}

Philippe Couillard is in a secular charter mess of his own: Siddiqui

Quebec’s premier-elect has promised to introduce his own version of the divisive charter of secular values

Le budget fédéral : du vol de grand chemin affirme l’Ontario

Charles Sousa bemoans federal budget that ‘ripped off’ Ontario

The federal government has “ripped off” Ontarians with a budget that does little to help the country’s economic engine, thundered a furious provincial Finance Minister Charles Sousa.


Maudit qu'on est don' beaux et fins quand ils peuvent profiter de nous !

Sochi Olympics remind us how much Canada loves Quebec: Kelly

Quebec is winning the majority of the medals at the Sochi Olympic Games, which reminds Cathal Kelly to say thank you

La désinformation canadian à son meilleur

Quebec’s xenophobic moment

Ça dit tout : « The best that can be said about the PQ’s new language law is that it’s not as bad as it could have been. »

Quebec’s new language law a pointless farce

The return of language politics

Big mistake. Editorials in all major newspapers in Montreal have denounced the nomination, politicians of all parties have weighed in, and polls show that three out of four Quebecers find it unacceptable.

Harper’s bridge-building in Quebec

Indeed, evidence that Harper’s new majority government cares precious little about the preferences of the mainstream Quebec electorate is steadily piling up.