Don MacPherson

Liberals' courage, PQ windfall

Unpopular moves will help the opposition win favour, plus hand it a better financial situation if it wins the next election

Quebec's political leaders in trouble

Charest still has his legislative majority in the Assembly. But as a politician able to win public support, he appears to be finished.

Identity politics eating away our rights and freedom

Increasingly, the protection of minority rights is seen as an obstacle to the majority's assertion of its identity.

How to be welcomed into the fold: win a Grammy

A victory for a cool and multilingual Montreal is not a victory for the PQ

Facts debunk loss-of-French scenario

Anglicization of Montreal PQ's rallying cry for further English-language restrictions is contradicted by party's own study

Only in Quebec you say?

Other provinces have long tolerated minority rights. Not usOther provinces have long tolerated minority rights. Not us.

Charest no longer second-most disliked

And Charest’s spokesman said Campbell’s resignation hasn’t given Charest any ideas. So he might hold his new titles for a while.

A party of one

It's looking lonely at the top for Legault

Cane mutiny

Egged on by A cabal of grumpy old politicians, PQ members are once again sniping at their leader - even though the party is leading in the polls

No threat to the French language

Bill 115 limiting access to English schools expresses the cynicism of an aging government