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The Supreme Court must face facts: French is thriving in Quebec

Freedoms might be restored when the mythical state of emergency is past

Ottawa sets off constitutional battle over regulator

In move that could enrage Quebec, Harper government asks Supreme Court whether it can impose national financial regime

A rights debate gone wrong

In Quebec, the embrace of rigidly secular values can serve as a cover-up for xenophobia

Banning's not the answer

Where would Canada be without Quebec?

La belle province has paid its way both culturally and politically

New old liberal party

How rep follows pop – and what it means for Quebec

The province that has driven much of this country's political agenda will go from belle of the political ball to wistful debutante

Montreal's voters face an electoral dilemma

Neither the incumbent mayor nor his sovereigntist opponent are appealing

Tired rhetoric, and not much more

Michael Ignatieff's critiques have done little to separate the Liberals and Conservatives on the deficit, stimulus or foreign affairs

The Bloc paradox

Never beaten at the polls and never farther from its cardinal ambition, the party is a victim of its own success

Airing a troubled past

Reading these words is not trivializing; it is hoisting a previous generation of violent separatists by their own petards.

What if Montcalm had won?

New France was not the Golden Age nationalist myth-makers made it out to be

‘Sovereigntist show' spurs boycott

Politicians distance themselves from planned reading of the FLQ's manifesto

Riding the rails to government?

As part of a broader economic vision, high-speed rail has much to recommend it

A teachable moment for Canada's universities

If big universities spent half as much time on teaching as they do searching for research money, students might be better off

Liberal revival in Quebec

A strong Bloc may be key for the Tories. For now, the province is Ignatieff's to lose

After 2011, a lighter burden

The stakes in Afghanistan are too high – and Canada has invested too much there already – to let us simply turn our backs

Knock a chip off the old Bloc

Political parties should be required to win votes in more than just one province to receive the federal allowance