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William and Kate greeted by protesters in Montreal

The biggest protest against the couple is planned for Quebec City on Sunday.

A Harper majority will lead to Quebec separation

Stephen Harper claims that a majority Conservative government is needed to thwart Quebec separatism. The opposite is true.

Bloc’s success paved the way for NDP’s surge in Quebec

A seismic shift seems to be taking place in federal politics, with the NDP poised to take second place. And it all started in Quebec.

Quebec's fog of corruption

A perfect storm in Quebec could bring Duceppe home

Should Marois fail to appease a perfect storm in the making within her ranks, the Bloc leader could be gone before the next federal campaign.

Not just about police

Travers: Census change latest move in PM’s dumbing down of Canada

Welcome to the land of the blind where the one-eyed man is king.

The rep-by-pop bill

Quelle mauvaise foi!!! La détestation rend fou...

Quebec's witch hunt against niqabi minority

Quebec: a poor little rich province

Paradise for families' boasts best services and highest debt load

Quebec tunes in unreality TV

Visible minorities scarce on the small screen despite rapidly rising immigration in province

Attitudes toward immigrants not softening, polls show

The poll shows francophone Quebecers are "more assimilationist" than non-francophones, said association executive director Jack Jedwab.