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Le Parti conservateur du Canada n'a pas vocation à devenir un second PLC

What if the Conservatives had a ‘centrist’ leader?


Avec la proportionnelle, Trudeau aurait pu former un gouvernement de coalition avec le NPD et les Verts

A 338Canada projection: If proportional representation was real


Bouchard et Le Devoir en mangent toute une

Le Devoir’s shaky memory


Les racines colonialistes du racisme canadien

Du racisme au Canada? Pire encore qu’aux États-Unis.

Comment se fait-il que dans un pays qui se flatte d’être perçu comme tolérant et progressiste cela ne soulève pas de crise à l’échelle nationale?

Quebec Votes 2012:

The most dangerous election in decades

Martin Patriquin explains how the PQ’s not-so-subtle attack on English has stoked a disturbing return of identity politics

France and Quebec’s artificial controversy over halal meat

The lands of foie gras and puppy mills are suddenly horrified by animal slaughter

Le Pen: "Don't French people who don't want to eat halal have the same rights as Muslims who do?"

Harper’s French disconnection

High-profile Quebec Tories blast the PM for ignoring the province

The ego behind the exits at the PQ

Paul Wells on how Jacques Parizeau lives to undermine leaders who don’t share his reckless passion for sovereignty

Just what does Quebec’s official answer to multiculturalism entail?

It’s all about language—or is it?

Quebec, a new scandal all the time

Allegations of wrongdoing keep piling up in Quebec

The October crisis

A fresh take on Trudeau’s act

No French connection

Fewer Quebecers have been cracking the Montreal Canadiens’ roster. Some think it’s political.

Les Québécois méritent mieux que ça

Les électeurs québécois ont prouvé qu’ils supportent mal les politiciens corrompus. Cela permet d’espérer.

Was Louis Riel insane?

Though the Metis leader didn’t agree, madness seemed the best defence against charges of high treason

What lies beneath Quebec’s scandals

The factors behind the province’s penchant for money politics

Gilles Duceppe: Coming to a city near you

Sometimes, “it’d be way easier if Quebec wasn’t around”

I am with the 'intolerant' Quebecers

The niqab deserves no more respect than a Vader mask

Tempest in a niqab

What Naema Ahmed’s expulsion from a French class really shows

The unflappable Jean Charest

Despite scandal and horror-show headlines, Charest is confidently leading Quebec

A war on our history

A few separatist agitators have managed to sweep away a part of Canada’s history

Old dogs, old tricks, and a PM curiously unruffled

Harper wisely stays away from an existential debate over Quebec